Bishop George of Guinea

Diocese of Guinea

Shipping aid for the pandemic

Dear Friends of the Mission, It is with great pleasure that I contact you again In a time when all of humanity is plagued by

Diocese of Guinea

Missionary Journey to Sierra Leone

In 1807, when the English were forced to stop slave trade after the international community’s disapproval, the ships that had already set off for the new continent returned back and freed the captive slaves, who had now gained their freedom…

Diocese of Guinea

Missionary Journey in West Africa

His Eminence visited the largest slum in the center of the capital city of Sierra Leone, which has sheltered over 20,000 adults and children living under wretched conditions without water, electricity or any access to sanitation facilities. During the rainy season these people are at risk of being drowned by large water streams or being killed by landslides…

Diocese of Guinea

Missionary journey to West Africa (Part II)

Located in Kindia, the first major city after the capital Conakry, in the beautiful tropical African landscape, the Sacred Church of Saints Parthenius and Charalambos is under construction along with the Orthodox Academy…

Diocese of Guinea

Life and death struggle in Guinea

I would like to inform you that here in Guinea we are struggling to support the victims of the Ebola virus through food distribution and medical relief. Our Holy Metropolis is the worst affected by the epidemic and the only one that has been afflicted for 1.5 years now…

Diocese of Guinea

Shipment of humanitarian aid

Taking its first steps in Guinea, the Mission is asked to respond to the call and expectations of our indigenous brothers for their spiritual and material support.

Diocese of Accra

In the service of education

Αποπερατώθηκε η ανέγερση του εργαστηρίου ηλεκτρονικών υπολογιστών στην Επαγγελματική Σχολή Αγίου Πέτρου στο Λάρτε της Γκάνας.