Shipping aid for the pandemic

Dear Friends of the Mission,

It is with great pleasure that I contact you again In a time when all of humanity is plagued by the corona virus pandemic. The whole world is going through unprecedented experiences, and unfortunately most of the consequences fall on the shoulders of the Church, since once again, all the bows are pointing their arrows at the target that they have always considered a thorn in their malicious plans, the Church of Christ.

Now, our brothers in Africa have to deal not only with poverty, lack of clean water and simple diseases, but also with fighting the Chinese flu pandemic. How could they possibly deal with it when we, the so called “developed countries”, cannot face it effectively themselves? How could they afford to buy antiseptics, face masks and disinfectants when they can hardly make ends meet and try hard to get some food for their families? These people are so poor that they struggle to make a living, how could they afford all these expenses?

It is this fight where you are called to play your part and support us. Our Mission friends come to us to become our fellow-companions and supporters. You come to put into practice the words of Christ. You come to share the love you have in your heart for God with your fellow human beings in Africa.

On Monday, November 2, by the grace of God and with the blessings of His Beatitude our Patriarch Theodore II, we loaded two containers with humanitarian aid and many school supplies for the children of Guinea and Zimbabwe. All the blessings destined for Zimbabwe were offered with great love by the Mission friends of an island where many saints lived or were martyred, Mytilene, with the help of Mr. Panagiotis Tiniakos. Food for Guinea was offered by Fr. Panteleimon Poulos. Brand new clothes were sent from London by a most devout sister in Christ, Mrs. Evdokia Kyprianou, with the help of Fr. Joseph Paliouras and the blessings of Archbishop Nikitas of Thyateira and Great Britain.

The containers have embarked on their long journey to give joy to our brothers in Africa. We are now knocking on your door, the door of your warm heart, to help us pay the freight rates. For the container to Guinea we need €3850 and for the container to Zimbabwe another €5700. I am sure you will respond to our call again. We are well aware of the difficult times that everyone is going through, especially our benefactors, but we have no other door to knock on.

May God strengthen you in your life and may the Holy Great Martyr Demetrius the Myrrh-streamer-the patron saint and protector of your city, whose memory we recently honored, bless you and sanctify you. The blessings of our Patriarch will always accompany you. Take care of yourselves, and let us hope that we will soon be delivered from the invisible enemy of the pandemic.

With love in Christ, † George of Guinea

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Dear Friends of Mission, Rejoice in the Lord always! Let us always glorify for all His blessings the Highly Praised and Glorious