Bishop Prodromos of Toliara

Ι. Επισκοπή Τολιάρας

Light and life for Toliara

Blessing of the Lord, fragrance of the Resurrection, heavenly scent and blessing of Heaven, the completion of another Sacred Church in the Holy Diocese of

Ι. Επισκοπή Τολιάρας

Our Imprisoned Brothers

My dear brothers and fellow companions, It is not so long ago that our local Church decided to deal with what every society diligently wants

Diocese of Toliara

Hurricane of faith

Dear Brothers and Friends of the Foreign Mission, I greet you and embrace you in the Lord from South Madagascar, this beautiful island, the earthly

Diocese of Toliara

Antidote to Despair

Just a few decades ago, the famous Jean Paul Sartre, immersed in the latent Western tradition rooted in himself, exclaimed: “l’enfer, c’est les autres” (hell

Diocese of Toliara

Fulfill Τhy Ministry

What unspeakable joy for one to be called “my child” by the great apostle who claimed divine adoption and rapture to heaven, Paul, the Apostle

Diocese of Toliara

The Well of Life

I will never get tired of confessing, because first of all, it relaxes me to experience things myself, that the life of the Gospel takes

Issue #29 - September 2019

Bishop Nectarios Kellis of Madagascar

Fifteen years! Five thousand four hundred and seventy-five days! Countless hours, numberless minutes, an ocean of seconds; and yet, all this time, all this measurement

60 χρόνια μετά: Εκδήλωση μνήμης Αγίων Ιεραποστόλων