Orthodox Missionary Fraternity


A new beginning

Dear Friends of the Missions, I would like to share with you the concerns we have here in Bukoba after our settlement with the blessings

Diocese of Kisumu

Moving with faith

By the grace and help of God, the missionary work of our Church in Kisumu, Western Kenya, is progressing. Despite all the protective measures taken

Côte d'Ivoire

From Ivory Coast to Burkina Faso

Ivory Coast – the name alone sounds interesting. It is, of course, reminiscent of another era, a tough one, that of colonialism. The colonists then


Orthodox Mission #33

The new September 2020 anniversary issue (#250 in the Greek edition) is now available for you to read with news and reports from 12 missionary


Orthodox Mission #32

The new summer issue of the Orthodox Mission magazine is out with news and reports from 14 missionary regions in Africa, Asia and the Pacific.


Orthodoxy in Colombia

Our parish community lies in Cereté. We celebrate the Divine Liturgy once a month at my parents’ house, because I live in Medellín and the journey to Cereté is 10 hours long by bus. Thankfully, our community has grown a lot and I will now move to Cereté permanently with my wife and our three children…

Diocese of Irinoupolis

10th Mission Seminar in Tanzania

Like every August, the 15 -day seminar of catechetical sessions was held this year, focusing not only on simple issues of our faith, which form

Diocese of Singapore

Embracing orphans in Kolkata

When one first sets foot in Calcutta, one seems to have been transported to another planet, to a parallel universe. It is not just the

Diocese of Mexico

The Haitian Mission

Dear Friends of Mission, We hereby express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for your keen interest in our missionary work. Your recent donation to our