Orthodox Missionary Fraternity


Meeting the President of Ethiopia

In a warm and cordial atmosphere, a significant meeting took place at the Presidential Office, where Her Excellency the President of the Republic of Ethiopia,

Light In The Ruins of Haiti

My name is Fr. Paul Petit Homme and I am from Haiti. About 25 years ago I decided to come to Thessaloniki with the blessing

Missionary “Madness”

Fr. Andronikos was ordained two years ago at St Andrew’s Metropolitan Chapel in Wellington. For one year, he ministered and studied as a Deacon at


It Is Jesus Christ Who Inspires

It is Christ who inspires. The diptych “teaching” and “ministry” was perfectly expressed in the person of the God-man Jesus Christ. His teaching abolishes all

Ι. Μητρόπολη Σιγγαπούρης

India: The Sleeping Giant

With more than 1,400,000,000 inhabitants, India made headlines this year when it overtook China in population and is hoping to improve its economic and political

Ι. Επισκοπή Γκούλου

The Church of Saint Lawrence

Dear Friends of Mission, We bring you warm wishes and embraces from the Diocese of Gulu and Northern Uganda. Your valuable donation to the Mission

Ι. Επισκοπή Ελντορέτ

Theodore II: The Humble Patriarch of the Poor

Written by the Most Reverent Bishop Daniel of Aksum His Beatitude the Pope and Patriarch Theodore II of Alexandria and All Africa, confirms the “All