Soup kitchens

Who can ignore a hungry child?

Who can pass by an elderly beggar?

Who can forget the sight of someone looking for food in the trash?

I was hungry, and you gave me food to eat.
I was hungry, and you gave me food to eat.

In many countries where the Orthodox Missions are active, questions like these are an everyday certainty. People don’t only lack food, but there are also situations where there isn’t even the choice of farming or fishing. However, there have been people living in such places for centuries. With scanty resources they strive to satisfy their hunger, and they are contented, when they have a plate of flour or rice a day.

Itinerating in these regions, the Orthodox missionaries, Greeks or natives, follows our Lord’s example. They set soup kitchens and give out food for our fellow people of every race, religion and age. They offer a dish of clean healthy food or a quanity of food for the weekly needs.

It is true that in many Orthodox countries, there is also a great amount of poverty. But comparisons are really useless, when in the D.R. Congo or Burundi the majority of the population lives with fewer than 50 euros per month.

Please,  support our difficult efforts to help the poorest of the poor. Our own surplus is a necessity for these people. Our small donation brings smiles to a lot of faces. Our own lack is invaluable in God’s eyes.

Do you want to help the feeding program?

Consider subscribing as a supporter and paying an amount of your choice monthly. 100% of these money will be given for soup kitchens funded by our Mission’s program. Just fill out the form below.

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