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What we do

With your own assistance, we have been supporting the Orthodox Missions for 55 years, so that it can bring comfort to people. Our main programs are:


Metropolitan Narkissos of Accra

Dear members and supporters of the Fraternity, you are people characterized by reflection and action, which is why you came to be involved with the Orthodox Missions. May our good God bless and give grace to you! I am grateful, for many times you have delivered us in your own way from problems we face in our ministry, hence I thank you…

Fr. Themistocles Adamopoulos, chief missionary in Sierra Leone

Without the Orthodox Missionary Fraternity, many of the projects which we have implemented in Sierra Leone would not have been possible. Your support has been invaluable and irreplaceable…

Fr. Chrysostomos Manalu, chief missionary in Indonesia

We pray that the All-Benevolent God will bless the brothers of the Orthodox Missionary Fraternity, who have have offered so many times for the project of our Mission in Indonesia…

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Metropolitan Ignatios of Pentapolis falls asleep

The funeral service will take place on Saturday 11th November in Saint Nicholas church in Pefkakia, Athens

The River Congo, Our Jordan River

We tossed the precious cross into the Congo River, our own Jordan River. We can see that both rivers, the Congo and the Jordan, vivify God’s creation with their waters and that they are flowing at the same time…

A container of love for Sierra Leone

25 tonnes of rice, milk, oil, pasta, salt, clothes, toys and ecclesiastical items were bought, gathered and wrapped up at our warehouse in Philyron

Indonesia: Where smile blooms (video)

Video on the volunteer visit by three members of our Fraternity to the Orthodox Mission in Sumatra, Indonesia

Mission stories

Responsibilities and tasks of the Orthodox clergy

23 February 2018

Great and true missionary is not the one who conveys faith with words, but the one who lives it. The one who prays with tears in front of the icon of Christ and the Virgin Mary that God will enlighten all people to return to the Mother Church. The Orthodox Church is open to all people. It embraces and expects everyone to move forward and respond to the call of Christ Himself, thus becoming partakers of this heavenly calling: «Come and see!»…

Relief Mission Aid

16 February 2018

The whole sight reminded of a biblical disaster, since there was neither a green leaf in the surrounding trees nor any other vegetation. When we arrived, we stood in front of the Maasai huts, made of dry grass. The first to come out were the women followed by the little children. The whole spectacle was shocking. The people were really starving…

Come Over into Brazzaville and Help Us

Gabon is particularly plagued by emerging religious movements and neo-Protestant organizations of American origin, by heresy and fallacy, by superstition and fears cultivated by the spiritual leaders of traditional religions with the aim of manipulating people through their subjugation to them…

Let us not forget

28 December 2017

We should not forget the medical clinic you funded in the Shamana area, the heart of the Congolese jungle, which may be a caring nest for our brothers who live isolated there, but naturally, it has its own operating expenses…

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