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What we do

With your own assistance, we have been supporting the Orthodox Missions for 54 years, so that it can bring comfort to people. Our main programs are:


Metropolitan Narkissos of Accra

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Dear members and supporters of the Fraternity, you are people characterized by reflection and action, which is why you came to be involved with the Orthodox Missions. May our good God bless and give grace to you! I am grateful, for many times you have delivered us in your own way from problems we face in our ministry, hence I thank you…

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Fr. Ermolaos Iatrou, chief missionary in Malawi

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Malawi is one of the poorest African countries, where because of contaminated water, cholera, malaria and typhoid are still debilitating the country. The Orthodox Missionary Fraternity, aided by socially sensitive people, keeps drilling for water in Malawi and saving lives…

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Bishop Innocentios of Burundi & Rwanda

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We, the Ugandans, are grateful to your Fraternity as it was the first one to support the Church in Uganda, and has been by our side ever since at all costs, showing great understanding and admirable patience, being a modest helper and supporter throughout its course…

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5 ways to help

We all have something to offer. Discover the way most comfortable to you and become a partner of the Orthodox Missions today.


The River Congo, Our Jordan River

We tossed the precious cross into the Congo River, our own Jordan River. We can see that both rivers, the Congo and the Jordan, vivify God’s creation with their waters and that they are flowing at the same time…

A container of love for Sierra Leone

25 tonnes of rice, milk, oil, pasta, salt, clothes, toys and ecclesiastical items were bought, gathered and wrapped up at our warehouse in Philyron

Indonesia: Where smile blooms (video)

Video on the volunteer visit by three members of our Fraternity to the Orthodox Mission in Sumatra, Indonesia

Mission stories

Healing Human Pain

25 August 2017

I often think, especially at night before I lie down, whether there are any medications in stock in the little clinic that your Fraternity built in the area of Shamana to the north of the Congo jungle. Sadly enough, there is no way of communicating with that place…

The First Guatemalan Cathedral

This time, we had the formal opening of the first Cathedral of the country, which was held in Aguacate, Guatemala, organized by Father Damianos, Chancellor of the Metropolis of Mexico. Thousands of Mayan Indians welcomed Archbishop Athenagoras with the Holy Relics of the Martyrs with tears in their eyes…

There is Plenty we Can Do!

10 August 2017

It is so painful to be confronted with such a temptation and have to withstand this ordeal while being surrounded by little orphaned children every day! I, however, take solace in knowing that there is ample space for God, Who goes beyond barriers and limitations just to give rest and comfort to these souls, provided our hearts are touched, and we take prompt and effective action for their salvation…

Anthem Of Orthodoxy

18 July 2017

Forty-four years ago I was humbly ministering by the grace of God to the Orthodox Mission in Zaire, now Congo, in Central Africa. I asked God for help and I composed this hymn which is short but has deep meanings…

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