Water Projects


There are countries, where the houses have no faucets, the rivers are polluted and the water is little.

There are countries, where people get infected and die everyday, because they have no access to clean water.

There are countries, where women and children walk up to 5 kilometers everyday to the closest spring to bring water to their families.

Countries, where people’s dream can be expressed in a word: “well“.

In such countries, work our missionaries. Thus, with your loving help, our Fraternity funds programs of drilling and well constructing, to offer to all our African brothers, the good of life: potable water.

The cost for making a well can range from 2.000 to 3.500 euros, depending on the country, the depth of drilling, the climate and the amount of pumping.

Moreover, in places, where there is a great drought and drilling is ineffective, our missionaries construct cisterns that are filled with water from other regions, brought with a tanker.

In Africa, 10.000 children everyday come on the sunset of their lives because of polluted water. Please, give a dewdrop of love to cool their thirst. Consider funding the construction of a well or a cistern.

What you can do

You can donate for a well project.

Or you can sponsor an entire drilling or tank-constructing project, depending on their availability. Just fill out the form below and we’ll get to you, as soon as possible

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