Educational sponsoring

In some countries of Africa, one can see that in the mornings, while most children in the rest of the world are in a hospitable classroom, the children of Africa work hard on the streets, having no money to pay the fees for their education or no school in their region at all. Moreover, they are considered lucky, when they can attend classes in a makeshift straw-hut.

The Orthodox Missions, comprehending the importance of education, give scholarships to young students, in response for their longing for learning. In fact, education is even more important in these countries, so that they get the educated and competent citizens needed for their growth.

Πρόχειρο σχολείο στη Nakyaka της Ουγκάντας

How the program works

The Educationals Sponsoring program provides educational support to children of Africa under the supervision of Orthodox missionaries. You can also help our effors by undertaking the fees of a student for three or more years. For the time being, the program is active in Kinshasa and Kolwezi, Congo DR. The annual fees are 250 € and may be paid at once or in installments, depending to the sponsor’s will. The sponsor get yearly updates for the student’s performance and can also contact him in person.

If you are interested in entering the program, please, fill out the form below and we’ll get to you as soon as possible.

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