A cry from Kenya: Save the children

Daily we live the great drama of little children. In our own societies certain things are taken as a given. Our own child grows in its environment and under any conditions it should be offered the necessary food from morning until it is time to sleep. This is an absolutely normal situation. The child cannot live unless it is given food. Here, however, in Africa, things are different. Children wake up in the morning and in the evening they go to sleep starved, there is no guarantee that they will have the necessary food. This is something very common here; therefore, they are born and grow up in this environment, whether they want to or not.

The Orthodox Diocese of Kenya, among its various programs, implemented a special feeding program for children and not only: it undertook a rescue crusade of young children, not only for daily food, i.e. breakfast and lunch, but also for educational opportunities for them at a payment of 20 euros per month. This effort met with response, and today the program has expanded throughout the country. The Greeks -even though they themselves are facing a financial crisis- made the strongest efforts and stood beside us to save as many souls as possible and relieve our children, who live under difficult and incomprehensible to us conditions. Unfortunately, there are no conditions suitable for children here. Therefore, through this program, the Diocese of Kenya has been trying to give a message of hope and certainty that they will have the right to live and be educated.


Every year, besides the daily meals, extra meals are organized on various occasions as well. So this year, at Christmas, in the courtyard of the Cathedral gathered, apart from the children of kindergarten and primary school, the children of our slum, for a sumptuous Christmas dinner and not only. Refreshments were offered, and each child got a small Christmas gift and stationery, notebooks, pencils etc.

A mother of two little children approached the Bishop and confessed that the food offered to them on Christmas day was the only one that they had the opportunity to eat. Otherwise, on that day the children would stay hungry.

The efforts and programs of the Metropolis of Kenya will continue even under the current economic crisis. We must not let the children suffer and live in misery. We have to strive and do everything in our power to ensure that these poor children will not sleep hungry.

Those wishing to offer a minimum contribution can do so through the Fraternity with the indication “for Kenya”. This way we can support, encourage and give hope to these unprotected children living under adverse conditions and waiting for a helping hand to continue themselves, as creatures of God, their destination on our planet.

Bishop Makarios of Kenya

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