New activities in Uganda

Dear friends of the Mission,

I wish you a good and blessed Triodion period. May the Grace of our Lord and Saviour be upon you and your families in the blessed season of the Holy and Great Lent which is approaching.

I am contacting you again to bring you the blessings from the far away in terms of distance, but nearby by prayer, Diocese of Jinja and Eastern Uganda. I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for everything that your loving heart has so far offered from the little you have for the relief of our brothers in need.

The greatest weapon of the Christian with which he can overcome all obstacles and manage to attract Divine Grace so that miracles can be realized is Prayer. Through it, man can communicate with God and call Him to earth to watch over His good children and help them, as He has done and is doing and will continue to do for the human race. We make an earnest appeal to your kind heart to never stop praying for our needy brothers in Africa, for our churches, for the simple Priests who serve with great self-sacrifice at their various missionary bases, and in general for the Mission to Africa not to fade away.

I would like to inform you that a grandiose and magnificent project in our province has begun: the creation of the Spiritual Center, in which we need your help, everyone’s contribution is valuable, so let’s build it together. It will be the springboard for all the activities of our Mission that we have mentioned from time to time and which will be a versatile building that will meet many of our needs.

Also, another activity has started, which due to its great need and importance, has already been implemented as a rough construction, but which needs improvement and a more careful study as regards the creation of safer structures. This is none other than the Orphanage of our Diocese, which due to the large number of children whose parents are either absent or financially unable to raise them, places its hopes in the Church. We had to start and build a rough construction in order to cure this need. Unfortunately, this is not enough as there are quite a few children, so a safer construction should be made in order that they may live better. This is why I am making a fervent appeal to your loving heart and parental feelings for help so that we can prevent these children from ending on the street. I wish you a blessed Triodion period.

May The Grace of our Lord and God and Savior Jesus Christ be with you all!

† Sylvester of Jinja

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