Bishop Makarios of Nairobi

Ι. Μητρόπολη Ναϊρόμπι

Christmas: Two Different Worlds

We are already in an age when people worldwide are suffering, enduring pain, pursuing a quest, seeking the truth and reality, the mystery that is

Ι. Μητρόπολη Ναϊρόμπι

And Life Goes On

Judging by our life style and what we take for granted, we could never imagine that a plate of hot food could save small children’s

Diocese of Nairobi

The last champion in Kenya

This year, one of the last pioneers in Kenya, Protopresbyter Benjamin Kiptalam Rotich (1926-2022), slept in the Lord. The funeral service was conducted in an

Diocese of Nairobi

Patriarchal tour in Kenya

And yet he came. Who? The one who this year has completed thirty years of High Priesthood and sixteen years at the helm of the

Diocese of Nairobi

Travel to Nowhere

I’m starting to get concerned as traveling to nowhere takes me to places that really leave me speechless. There, in those places of my pastoral exile, I reached the most forgotten poor and unprotected little children who lived in anticipation of a word and a little smile. I met them. And what do you think I saw in front of me? A structure – supposedly their school- where they attend classes daily and get educated…

60 χρόνια μετά: Εκδήλωση μνήμης Αγίων Ιεραποστόλων