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Μητροπολίτης Ναϊρόμπι Μακάριος
His Eminence Geron bishop Makarios of Nairobi has served the Orthodox Mission in Kenya since 1977. He was ordained the bishop of Zimbabwe in 1998 and in 2001 he was moved to Kenya.
We also brighten up and rejoice today with you, because you have been truly backing and supporting us for five decades now...
The drought is so big that you can hardly see a green leaf in the nature. People are obliged to carry huge amounts of water in big buckets, to drink and cook. Many times, they have to travel for a distance of 5-10 kilometers, to find such water, which soever will be dirty...
The needs have increased. There are one hundred and fifty little children that are currently being hosted there...
A special children's feeding and education program only with 20.00 € per month.
It had never even crossed my mind that one day after more than thirty years, I could be writing such a title. This is indicative of the critical economic condition which we have reached, since now that I am writing to you, at the Patriarchal School as well as at the Primary school we eat entirely “on credit”on a daily basis.
30 χρόνια στον ιεραποστολικό στίβο για τη σωτηρία των ψυχών