The only meal of the day

Dear friends of the Mission,

Sitting in my office and planning the daily schedule, I suddenly noticed someone come in. It was the person in charge of the kitchen for the little children who we offer breakfast and lunch daily. He stood in front of me and courteously as well as shyly said to me: «Your Eminence, we have entered a new week, today is Wednesday and you have not yet given us the money for the food program. I ask for your advice so that I can explain the situation to the food suppliers and know what to do with the preparation of breakfast and meals.

We are talking about the food program that covers the feeding costs for the 350 children of the St. Clement Kindergarten and Elementary school, which is located in the area of our Metropolis. It is easy for anyone to understand how difficult as well as embarrassing my position was.

Unfortunately, that was not the first time such a thing was happening, since there is no permanent and solid support in this program, as our Metropolis has so many other similar programs to fund in our various orphanages and schools.

In no case shall we leave these children hungry no matter how slender our means are due to the global economic crisis, which has affected us in recent years in all the fields of our missionary activity. We have faith in the love, mercy and infinite condescension of our Lord, which are always revealed in similar cases.

We are grateful to all those who come to our assistance and support us, especially in the field of education, with sponsorships regarding these little children, all of whom come from poor families or are orphaned. This is why we make an earnest appeal to you to invite all the kind-hearted people who are willing to support our food program for these children, who under other circumstances would starve to death. Bear in mind that this food we offer is the only meal of the day. We know that at night they will sleep hungry! This is why we try to find ways and means so that in the afternoon when they are leaving, to be given a sandwich for supper.

For the time being, we humbly request that you support us with the amount of five thousand euro.

We would like to thank you in advance and express our deep gratitude to you all.

With warm missionary greetings and fervent wishes,
† Makarios of Nairobi

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