Need for reconstruction

Dear Friends of Mission,

I greet you in the name of the Holy Triune God. Please accept my apologies for my past silence. Here in Calcutta, West Bengal, I continue the missionary struggle with the substantial support of the Orthodox Missionary Fraternity, which has been a fellow companion in the Mission of India since the time of late Missionary Father Athanasios Anthides.

Thus, I continue amidst a multitude of various needs and social problems:

The annual large typhoon visited us again, trapping our Orthodox villagers in misery. Their despair is palpable and we are trying our best to help them.

The old guest house next to the Greek Church of Christ the Savior is in need of immediate renovation. The same problem exists with the Greek cemeteries, which currently have an image of abandonment.

After a lot of effort, we managed to create our private school in the Bakesoir Region. Now the educational authorities, in order to give an official operating license, request that a third floor be built. The demands are great and so is the need to sustain the missionary work as well.

May God bless you all.

Sister Nektaria

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