Travel to Nowhere

We are in the middle of nowhere! One must have a vivid imagination, or be endowed with the gift of writing poetry or painting to be able to depict on this lifeless paper the feelings and thoughts that dominate one’s entire existence when visiting such a place.

her main priority the project that exists in these forgotten – remote areas, education, along with what is called a “food program”. It is practically impossible- even for little children who are still innocent and pure- not to understand that they cannot be educated unless they first put something in their stomach to keep them alive. Only then will they be able to capture the messages of knowledge and education, despite harsh conditions.

A simple meal, even if it consists of two slices of bread with some butter or jam- or even without it, will relieve the empty stomachs of those little children, who have every right to have access to some food in order to survive. After all, we live in the 21st century! Is that so difficult? What we, civilized people, take for granted, is a distant dream for them. Is it really right for us to indulge in all kinds of food, fill our stomachs and rest without thinking of those innocent little children who are starving to death? We will not give out of what little we have, since deep inside we know very well that we have too much of a surplus for our own survival, or rather our well-being and enjoyment. Let us realize that it is our own duty to save innocent souls who trust us and beg us to offer them what we so richly enjoy: their lives…

Touring around the countryside parishes

I’m starting to get concerned as traveling to nowhere takes me to places that really leave me speechless. There, in those places of my pastoral exile, I reached the most forgotten poor and unprotected little children who lived in anticipation of a word and a little smile. I met them. And what do you think I saw in front of me? A structure – supposedly their school- where they attend classes daily and get educated. A construction made of wild wood and earth, which eventually collapsed and because of that all sorts of insects came in, and of course, the cold. What could I possibly say to them in that situation that I found them? Naturally, they were starving. What were they supposed to eat and where? The whole nature is dead and the soil has covered their faces, since they had no other choice but to play outside. These children are alive with the little means they have but they definitely need love and affection, a tender embrace, a good word and something to warm their innocent heart. Further comments are superfluous.

† Makarios of Nairobi

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