Solemn liturgy / Mystery of purifying sanctification Peaceful coexistence / wings of angelic escort Risky course / unstoppable bravery Blooming Hope / spiritual fruits of joy Patriarchal blessing / peoples’ overflowing joy Oasis of Affection / amiable heart nest Dignified presence / sunny steps of life Drum beat welcome / Circle dance of Africans Closeness to the faithful / brothers’ emotional embrace Light-bearing soul / trampled humble grass Missionary struggle / tireless kneeling prayer Pure spirit / undefiled source of light Enthronement calendar date / October 9, 2004

Shepherd of Africa / heavens runner of tribes Conciliatory spirit / faith-illuminated knowledge Tracker of love / sweaty work of kindness Magnanimous speech / bright stalactites of intellect Sleepless time / travelled reverie Newly illumined Christians / fermented sun faith Gentle touch / fragrant breeze flower Painful night / children without another sunrise Bittered rose bay / without rose water of dawn Native history / shameless slave whipping Worthy pastorate / a divine road to eternity!

Nostis Psarras