Bishop Agathonikos of Arusha

Ι. Επισκοπή Αρούσας

To those near and far

Dear friends of the Mission, My beloved brothers, As it is often said, our Church life in the Mission, especially in Africa, brings memories of

Ι. Επισκοπή Αρούσας

Recipients of your love

Dear friends of the Mission, In the joyful season of Easter we have been the recipients of your immense love, which supports us and gives

Ι. Επισκοπή Αρούσας

Our Missionary News

My Dear Brothers in Christ, It is with great joy and with feelings of deep gratitude that I contact you again to inform you of

Ι. Επισκοπή Αρούσας

Clinic of bodies and souls

Dear Mission friends, On the occasion of this article, it is with great pleasure that we contact you again in order to inform you about

A New School

My Dear Brothers in Christ, By the Grace of the Most Holy God and the blessings of His Beatitude the Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria

Diocese of Arusha

Saint Parthenios in Tanzanian Highlands

In one of our previous communications, I told you about a remote village in the Iringa region, which is perched on a 2,000-meter-high mountain, Mkombe.

Diocese of Arusha

Saving lives in Tanzania

And on top of everything, we had the outbreak of the pandemic… Struggling with scorching heat, which at that moment was changing into a strong

Diocese of Arusha

The Mission Center of Arusha

My Dear Brothers in Christ, By the grace of God and with your own constant support, the work of our Church in Central Tanzania is

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