The new issue of our magazine is now out with news and reports from 15 missionary regions.

  • What are the new dioceses of the Orthodox Church in Africa?
  • How do the Orthodox of Katanga spend the Great Lent?
  • What are the current needs of the Mission in Sierra Leone?
  • What are the plans for the further development of the Mission in Central Nigeria?

Find out about these and many more in the issue at hand. Browse through it, read it, share it!

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Αδελφότητα Ορθοδόξου Εξωτερικής Ιεραποστολής
The Orthodox Missionary Fraternity is the oldest missionary association in Greece and throughout the whole Orthodox world. SInce 1963, it has cooperated with Orthodox missionaries in Africa, Asia, Oceania and Latin America, providing them with moral and material aid.