We experience the plight of the little children on a daily basis. In our societies some things are taken for granted. Our own child grows up in its environment and under any circumstances it should be given the necessary amount of food from the morning till the night. This is an absolutely natural situation. Here, however, in Africa, things are different. The children wake up in the morning and they go to bed at night hungry; no one can guarantee to them that they will have the food they need.

This is why the Holy Metropolis of Kenya ,among its various programs, implemented a special children’s feeding program, and not only: it undertook a crusade of survival of the little children, not only for daily food, i.e. breakfast and a meal, but also for educational opportunities for children by paying 20€ a month.

This effort met with response, and now this program has spread throughout the country. Our own people make the biggest efforts and stand by our side so that we can save as many souls as possible and relieve our children who live under very difficult or even inconceivable conditions. The conditions are not good for the children. That is why through this program the Holy Metropolis of Kenya is trying to give a message of hope and certainty that all children are entitled to life and education.

To thrama ton Mikron Pethion2

Every year, on various occasions, the Holy Metropolis organizes meals for the children, except for the daily one. So, this Christmas at the yard of the Metropolis, apart from the children of the kindergarten and the primary school, gathered the poor children of our area, too, for a rich Christmas meal and not only. Soft drinks were offered to them as well as a little Christmas present along with stationery, like notebooks, pencils…
One mother with two little children approached the Bishop and confessed to him that the food offered to them at Christmas was the only one they could eat that day, otherwise they would have stayed hungry on a Christmas day.

The efforts and the programs of the Holy Metropolis of Kenya will be continued even under those economically adverse circumstances. We must not leave the children suffering in their distress. We must do our best so that they will no longer sleep hungry.

This way, we will be able to support, encourage and give hope to these unprotected children who live under extremely difficult conditions and are expecting a helping hand to keep them going towards their beautiful destination on our planet.

From the Holy Metropolis of Kenya