Missionary “Madness”

Fr. Andronikos was ordained two years ago at St Andrew’s Metropolitan Chapel in Wellington. For one year, he ministered and studied as a Deacon at the Holy Monastery of the Archangels in Levin under the spiritual guidance of the monastery Abbot Fr. Meletios. After his ordination as a Presbyter, he ministered as a priest at the St. John parish in Palmerston North and at the H. Monastery of the Archangels for one more year. At the same time, being a holder of 2 university degrees, he worked at the State Statistical Service, from which he made a living, ensuring the maintenance of his large family, since he served the Church on a voluntary basis without getting paid. Married to a good presbytera, Julita, who also holds 2 university degrees, and having four children aged 2 to 12, they experienced the life of our Church on a daily basis.

Then, in December 2022, they made the decision to fully serve the Church in the Mission of the Fiji Islands. He quit his job, they left their home, their children left the “modern” New Zealand school… They moved to Fiji without having a steady job to support their family at present and in the future, without medical care or a pension scheme to lean on, without a home, enrolling 3 of their children in the local primary school with a different mindset and a completely different curriculum.

And they did all this in order to serve the St. Tabitha Orphanage and the Holy Trinity parish in Saweni, Fiji.

For all this, our Church offered them a 24- square meter two-room container as a home, their daily food, a small allowance from the mission fund for their daily needs and the use of a car along with the needs of the orphanage and the parish.

Personally, I stand in awe before them for the way they express their love for God and their sacrificial offering to their fellow man. They consider the needs of the ‘other’ more important than theirs. Isn’t that the very definition of Love?

On our part, the least we could do for them is to give them a decent house to live in. The one we have in mind must have the roof replaced before the rainy season, which starts in December. The total amount comes to 10,000 euro.

Our effort is focused there. Those who help, contribute to the continuation of the miracle. We should not forget that only the presence of God in the hearts of people has such effects, and is expressed in such “irrational” ways.

May the Benevolent and Philanthropic God bless your life.

† Myron of New Zealand

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