Metropolitan Alexander of Nigeria (1960-2023)

Missionary superiority

The 30th of June 2023 arrived, the day of the Holy Twelve Apostles, spiritually brightening our souls.

However, it coincided with the death announcement of our beloved archpriest Alexander, Metropolitan of Nigeria, Benin and Togo.

At the call of time he was an elect-benevolent missionary brother in Christ. I recall his apostolic ministry for 26 consecutive years… He cultivated, sowed and regenerated spiritual fruits of orthodox witness and salvation in the nations.

With the support of our Fraternity, he built in his Holy Metropolis churches and schools and implemented other social projects as well.

Late Alexander (Gianniris) was born on May 15, 1960 in Athens.

He graduated from the Agricultural School of Athens in the year 1983 and eleven years later from the Department of Pastoral and Social Theology .

The final farewell was bid on Saturday, July 18, at the Holy Convent of St. Porphyrios in Milesi, Attica.

May his memory be Eternal in the heavenly kingdom!

Nostis Psarras

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