A vision for Eastern Uganda

Hail in the Lord,

Thank God, dear brothers, our work continues. Your response is great and we thank you. Already some children have been able to receive an aid for their studies, we have been able to relieve the pain of some of our brothers and sisters, as well as to give them spiritual comfort with a word of catechesis.

The creation of spiritual centers in every region where the Word of God is sown and bears much fruit becomes urgent and necessary.

The distances are long, and this means the need for vehicles and fuel. We do everything we can in our capacity so as not to disappoint any soul seeking to rest in the arms of the Church. We offer whatever we can from what your love makes available and from what we are trying very hard to provide from our own resources.

What we have to face here in my poor country, but endowed by God with its beauty, may seem unthinkable for the so-called Western world, because they are taken for granted, but the reality is different. Only when one gets to know and see our shortcomings and our anguish up close, they will be able to understand our toil and our sacrifice.

That is why I want as a Bishop to share with you the work that is being done, and to make you communicants and helpers. We truly rejoice in whatever new things we acquire or create in our Diocese. And it is all for the sake of man. So that no one may be deprived either of spiritual formation or, by extension, of our social solidarity.

We are struggling and praying in the newly formed Diocese of Jinja to find financial help to create a coordination center for all our efforts. To have our headquarters, our Spiritual Center, so that at all times those who ask for our help will know where to find us.

Apart from the schools that offer the necessary education, our Diocese must also acquire the space where its own staff will be trained in the issues of mission and service. Not only on a theoretical level but also on a practical level. Mission is not only theory, but also gives the opportunity to learn some skills that will relieve their fellow human beings from poverty.

You can see through the photographic material our work. Everything happens and is realized because some people pray, because some people offer their expertise, because some people offer volunteer work, and above all because some people offer from their own resources. We thank them all. In the mission everyone has a place of responsibility. They save for their souls by working in God’s house.

As you know I come from Uganda and I have knowledge of what we need to do in each region and what we can offer according to the needs. Already in my previous reports I have let you know where we should give priority. Starting of course with the reporting and coordination headquarters, the training of clergy and lay leaders, the fight against disease, illiteracy and hunger. I believe we are on track and we can now provide good service in some of these. But we must not rest on our laurels. The work of forming the soul who desires Christ and Truth has no room for holidays and complacency but for vigilance. For every soul we will give an account to God.

As we pass through the Easter Lent, do not forget us in your prayers. We need them very much. Remember also your brothers and sisters, your own people, who thank you and are grateful to you for your blessings so far.

May the God of mercy, charity and peace be with you always.

✝ Silvestros of Jinja

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