Temptations and blessings

Dear Friends of Mission,

It is with feelings of joy and gratitude that I am writing these lines for your prestigious magazine, because on the one hand I feel that you constitute the rear guard of the Foreign Mission of our Church, and on the other, because I remember your many and invaluable financial contributions to the development of our humble missionary ministry in the Diocese of Malawi

My dear partners, our field of action may be thousands of kilometers away from your own, but the Love in Christ guides us so that we feel that we are very close.

Dear followers and supporters of our missionary activity, I would need more time to inform you of the things that we have carried out so far on the one hand and those that need to be done on the other

Allow me to report two things that happened recently. The first one concerns the entry of people in need into the well-guarded area of the Greek community of Malawi, where the Episcopal car was parked, a Toyota Hilux double-cab, which was bought second-hand last year with the contribution of our spiritual children who wanted to help in our struggle and anxiety to better serve the needs of our missionary journeys. These poor people broke into the car during the night and took away its most expensive parts, apparently to get some money by selling them.

Let us add to the aforementioned the recent devaluation of the local currency by twenty-five percent

However, we thank and praise God a thousand times, on the one hand because he led us to a good mechanic who asked us for much less money than the amount we had estimated, that is, instead of giving ten thousand euro, we only gave four thousand, and on the other, because he restored it to its previous condition in a very short time.

During this period, my dear brothers, the good God gave the great grace to us, the lowly and unworthy, to ordain by the laying on of hands eight promising young readers who had a zeal for that ministry so that they would later enter the ranks of the clergy of our Holy Diocese.

You see, invaluable fellow-cyreneans in our long and arduous struggle which is full of responsibilities, that the Lord and God and Savior of our souls and bodies, the Sweetest Jesus Christ, allows trials out of love, for the eternal salvation of our souls and bodies, but along with temptations, He gives blessings as well, as he has assured us through his true promise.

May the Grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all the days of your earthly life and may you be heirs of His Eternal Kingdom.

† Photios of Malawi

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