Our school in Karmem

Dear Friends of Mission,

Rejoice in the Lord always!

I am writing to request, if this is possible, an emergency financial support to deal with a problem arising from the torrential and continuous rains in Benue State, Nigeria.

Due to the rains, the ground around the Primary School in Karmem of this State suffered erosion. The water.s washed away parts of the staircase, while at the back of the school the damage reached as deep as the foundations. The attempt to fill the gap with stones was proven ineffective as they were drifted away again

It is absolutely necessary to open canals around the building perimeter to channel the rain water and also to restore the parts of the staircase that have been swept away.

We would like to remind you that Karmem Primary School, Benue, is a school whose construction was funded by the Orthodox Missionary Fraternity and which accommodated the educational needs of the promising children of this province, who until recently, were crowded in grass thatched huts thirsty for knowledge and hoping for a better future.

The project is estimated to cost approximately € 1,500. Dear friends, please support this effort as well by making a donation.

Alexander of Nigeria

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