Material Deprivation

By the Grace of God, through the intercessions of the Virgin Mary and our Saints and with the love of the brothers from Greece and elsewhere, the work of the Mission in the Metropolis of Kinshasa continues. The seed sown by the late predecessors, high Priests, priests and missionaries, has borne fruit and people today rejoice in the Orthodox Church. But still, in most parts of the Metropolis, the voice of Orthodoxy has not reached yet. Our heart aches, because wherever we pass from, people tell us, “we hear about the Orthodox Church, but we don’t see you. Why don’t you care about us? Isn’t Orthodoxy for everyone? “Questions that cause pain to us, but many times we cannot reach all areas simply because we have no money to build churches there.

When the Roman-Catholics, the Protestants, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Muslims build huge temples and mosques, we do not even have chairs to sit on for the catechetical sessions. Yes, we hold the truth but we lack people and money to run, organize missions, build churches, schools and medical clinics, to have suitable cars for travelling long distances. Before us lie endless regions that thirst for Orthodoxy. My Lord Jesus Christ, support in every way our holy struggle to make Your never-ending light, the light of Orthodoxy, shine in all the thirsty souls of our Metropolis.

As for the Metropolis radio station, that was destroyed by strong winds two years ago. The “Voice of Orthodoxy” must definitely enter all homes, but first the damage must be repaired. A temporary solution was found under late Metropolitan Nikiforos of Kinshasa, but the radio station of the Metropolis must be re-established.

Poverty is a major problem throughout Africa. We have three schools where the children are too poor to pay their fees. We know that where there is a good education system, children beautify their souls and the society. We seek your help and support to continue educating these innocent creatures of God in order to give them a chance of a better life.

In our Metropolis there are provinces of up to four million people that do not have a single Orthodox Church or Priest. We sincerely request all brothers to help us build churches so that our God can be praised and glorified and our African brothers can attend the Divine Liturgy and other sacred services.

Late Metropolitan Nikiforos built a nice little clinic in a poor neighborhood, which unfortunately we cannot afford to operate. Initially as a doctor’s office, the monthly expenses amount to three thousand euro. Let there be kind-hearted brothers who can help us meet this need.

For the end, I left a soul vision: the creation of a missionary division in the city of Kinshasa. This will constitute our Missionary lung, through which all the parishes of our Metropolis will get spiritual oxygen. We pray that the Lord blesses all our efforts so that the name of the Holy God is praised and magnified through our Orthodox Church.

Theodosius of Kinshasa 

Δείτε περισσότερα

Temptations and blessings

Dear Friends of Mission, It is with feelings of joy and gratitude that I am writing these lines for your prestigious magazine,

Close to ordinary people

As part of our tour that took place during the month of October from our Holy Diocese of Kisumu and Western Kenya,