A vision for our Church in Uganda

At the beginning of the year, Metropolitan Ieronymos from Mwanza was elected as the new Metropolitan of Kampala. His Holiness is Ugandan and knows very well the conditions prevailing in his country and its missionary reality.

An effort is being made in the administrative organization of the HM of Kampala. His Eminence Metropolitan Jeronymos has chosen persons to help him in ministry. Among other things, he intends to breathe new life into the headquarters of the Holy Metropolis. He has ordered a study to be done on the issue of financial recovery of the Holy Metropolis. The Metropolitan is already looking for a Greek person-male or female- to teach Greek, French and Music.

Challenges 1) Lack of qualified humanforce for various ministries. 2) Our priests are neither regularly paid nor have insurance. 3) Schools and clinics are underutilized. Buildings are in a bad condition. 4) The Theological Seminary has long closed. 5) Over 300 children in various grades of education are looking for scholarships.

Visions With all this in mind, I am struggling to find solutions to the various challenges and do something new that will benefit the region. 1) It is necessary that we build St. Sophia’s Cathedral here in the capital city of Kampala 2) The Holy Metropolis deserves to have a University. It is a years-long dream. 3) On account of the painful experiences during the covid-19 pandemic, it is timely that the HM has a radio station for pastoral ministry.

  Least among all,  + Jeronymos of Kampala 

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Temptations and blessings

Dear Friends of Mission, It is with feelings of joy and gratitude that I am writing these lines for your prestigious magazine,

Close to ordinary people

As part of our tour that took place during the month of October from our Holy Diocese of Kisumu and Western Kenya,