Dear Friends of Mission,

I would like to mention the need for a well in the parish of Panagia Myrtidiotissa, (Our Lady of the Myrtles), Sts.Paisios and Porphyrios. We are located in the Ntungano Region, province of Western Uganda, in the beautiful village of Rubaare, at the national tripoint of Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda.

Lack of water is a very big problem for us because it affects our lives in many ways. Without clean drinking water, our daily life is extremely difficult. Our villages do not have easy access to clean water, since the lakes Rubanda and Mutanda are very far away.

Infants and toddlers are the ones most affected by dirty water and often die from its contaminating contents. Typhoid, malaria and cholera claim the lives of very many poor creatures.

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Older children walk long distances every day to bring water home. With buckets or jerry cans on the head, they are forced to carry 5, 10 or even 20 liters, depending on their strength.

We have often found ourselves in need of water to perform baptisms, to sprinkle it on the church ground for the dust to settle, or for cooking at the children’s camp, Whenever such needs arise, we have to get someone to bring it to us by bicycle or motorbike, which costs a lot.

It is for this reason that we make an earnest appeal to your kind heart for help. We need it in order to create a well in our parish to meet the human need for clean water.

Fr. Aristotle Asimwe 

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