Epiphany Day in Kisumu

On the Holy and great feast of the Epiphany, after the Divine Liturgy that took place in our Holy Church of the Dormition of the Theotokos on the diocesan premises, we decided along with the local parishioners to go to the big lake Kisumu, which is nearby and only half an hour drive away. It is the largest lake on the African continent.

And so it happened. About thirty of us got into the cars and made for the lake. We could have been more but due to the imposition of protective measures and to the fact that so many people were at work and the kids at school, we were content with the participation.

Naturally, we are wary of the situation that prevails now all over the world, and we respect the measures imposed by the government, but we said that it was a sacred duty to go to the lake firstly because of the great Despotic feast and secondly in order to sanctify the waters. Besides, we did not have anything that would restrict us as long as we were within the framework of all laws. And thank God, we were and still are able to perform all our sacred services here in the diocese and in the Mission, always by the grace of God and after having taken all the measures required.

We arrived at the lake without any problems on the way, and in a short time we began to read the Gospel. We had three white doves, which we released into the heavens, a symbol of the ‘Holy Spirit’, and then we threw the Holy Cross into the water. We did not have many children to dive and catch the Cross; only one child entered the water, mainly because the lake is dangerous and has Hippopotamus. Although it was the first experience of this celebration for the parishioners, it did give them enormous joy.

Baptism in a river

The child that caught the Cross and took it out of the water received an icon of Christ as a gift. We then sat down and had dinner all together.

This is how we spent our day celebrating the Epiphany in Kisumu, West Kenya. It was a simple and unadorned celebration, but with the feeling and the blessing that the good God provides us with all His blessings, even more during these difficult times we live in.

May the Triune God enlighten us through the Holy Water and guide our life granting us spiritual and physical health.

We thank all our benefactors who help and support us and enable us to perform the Holy Mysteries and the sacred services. We wish you all good health and the grace of the Triune God in your life.

With love in Christ ✝Markos of Kisumu

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