Dear brothers in Christ,

Christ is Risen!

I hereby express my warm thanks to your Fraternity for the kind reaction to our application for the purchase of a 3,500-euros tractor destroyer, which is necessary for the cultivation of the farms of our Holy Apostles monastery. In these farms, we grow several vegetables and trees that are absolutely indispensable for the substistence of our 10-strong brotherhood and for charity to our African brothers.

The destroyer has already been put to use by the brothers of our monastery, who are all of African descent, and has greatly facilitate our work. We, as a little reward, commemorate all of you so that you are healthy and blessed in your godly work for the holy missions.

We pray that in devout piousness we will pass through the rest of the Great Lent and joyfully celebrate the glorious and life-giving Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I also convey the gratitude of the fathers, deacons, monks and novices of our holy monastery, as well as their love and paschal wishes.

Fr. Barnabas of Gregoriou