School Rooftop

Dear brothers in Christ and partners in the great work of spreading Orthodoxy,

I am aware of your interest and love for the newly established Diocese of Malawi and I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for the continued support of your Fraternity in the difficult task that the Alexandrian Church has assigned me.

Since my early days in the third world country of Malawi, I have tried to identify the main needs in terms of the infrastructure of the local Church activities.

I believe that priority should be given to schools, for without these, the natives can neither be trained in the preaching of the Gospel, nor participate actively in the life of the Church.

Well, my beloved brothers and sisters, I would like to inform you that the elementary and nursery school next to the Church of the Resurrection, a gift of your Love, has a problem in its building installations, due to the continuous heavy rainfall that has recently hit Malawi.

The estimated damage repair cost comes to the amount of 10,000 euro, which is why we are making an earnest appeal to your loving heart and ask for your support so that the school can continue its work smoothly and educate the children close to the Church, to the glory of the Risen Christ.

† Photios of Malawi