Christ in Oceania

Dear Friends of Mission,

In all the places I visit during my inspection tour, I am astonished by the fruits of the labour of my predecessor, currently His Eminence Metropolitan Amphilochios of Ganos and Chora.

As I understand, the contribution of your magazine was significant. The love offerings of your readers gave a lot of support to Elder Amphilochios’s missionary vision and became the necessary means for its realization. We thank you wholeheartedly and pray that the Most Merciful God and Giver of all good gifts will continue to give you His abundant blessings and the awareness of His Truth, so that through you as well His presence on earth will spread and grow.

On Saturday, January 26, 2019, the baptism of the first Maori family took place in Raglan, Hamilton, New Zealand. Peter, Maria and their 4 children joined the Church after a long catechism by our good priest fr. Georgios Kanellis. Please, pray for their stability and progress.

In the Kingdom of Tonga, where the majestic St. George’s Church is being erected, two Greek technicians came for 4 months (from February 2018 to June 2018), and with the help of the local people, the building work progressed effectively. About 70% of the church’s coatings, including the dome, were completed. Since then, as a result of weather conditions, mainly maintenance work has been carried out. Our plan is to visit the island in the early days of March to have a better understanding of the conditions there, and at the same time, we are in contact with the technicians in order to plan the future course of the construction work of this project.

Saint George Orthodox church in Tonga

From April 4 till April 10, I visited Tonga along with Fr. Meletios and Fr. Pauul, in order to file some paperwork for the legal incorporation and representation of the Orthodox Church in the country. We met with almost all Orthodox baptized and catechumens, we coducted the fourth service of the Salutations to the Theotokos and the Divine Liturgy of the fourth Sunday of the Great Lent.

Most usually, the locals have a rather portly physique, with brown skin, a big smile on their faces and honest heart. They are benevolent and positive. We encountered many locals, still there was no one who said anything negative or expressed any objections. They are always good-spirited and willing to help. They seem to be very interested in the spiritual life, capable of understanding high notions and ready to ask vital spiritual questions.

The condition of Saint George Church is shown in the picture below. 100,000 more euros are neededed, so that Orthodox Tongas can acquire their own church.

Praying and loving in Christ.
† Myron of New Zealand

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