Dear Friends of the Mission,

Rejoice in the Lord.

First of all, I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for the sincere support of your charitable society to the needs of our Holy Monastery, which is mainly used for the purchase of garden essentials.

The cultivation of plants, vegetables, fruit trees in our nurseries, greenhouses and cultivated land, besides curing our own needs, is also a means of maintaining our Holy Monastery in order to make it self-sufficient as well as one of apprenticeship for the young indigenous novice monks of our Holy Monastery in the ministry of the gardener.

So once more I ask for your support for the purchase of plant genetic material and tools. The aforementioned stuff is worth about € 1,500 and will be sent over here in a shipping container, which is already being loaded.

We would be grateful if you could assist in this purchase, and on our part, we will commemorate you for good health and fruition of the God-pleasing work that you are doing, through the intercession of the Holy Apostles, in honor of whom our Holy Monastery is named.

Wishing in the Lord,
Hieromonk Varnavas Gregoriatis