Dear Friends of the Mission,

I greet you in the name of our risen Christ.

I am always touched when I communicate in writing with the Orthodox Missionary Fraternity, through which my missionary consciousness was nurtured.

I dare make an earnest appeal to the charitable feelings of your Board and your donors to ask for an aid of € 3,000-4,000 for coverage of the direct medical costs of the Holy Metropolis of Kinshasa. As you know, our much-afflicted brothers here in Congo are devoid of medical care. Unfortunately, nothing is free. Everything has to be paid for!

I often think, especially at night before I lie down, whether there are any medications in stock in the little clinic that your Fraternity built in the area of Shamana to the north of the Congo jungle. Sadly enough, there is no way of communicating with that place. This tropical region is so hard to go through that the news reaches us when someone comes here after months of travelling. Besides that, I have to deal with any type of health problems that might occur in our brothers here in the capital city, Kinshasa. Unfortunately, there is no money to meet these needs, which arise suddenly and need immediate treatment, as human lives are at risk.

I am deeply grateful for your unconditional love and financial assistance. May God bless you always.

With the love of our risen Christ,
†Nikiphoros of Kinshasa