Author: Fr. Polycarpos of Agia Anna

Diocese of Toliara

The Truth

The Church is the natural space of love and peace, and it is wonderful when this House of God is experienced thus, and only thus.

Diocese of Madagascar

Where God Really Wanted…

Wherever one serves the Lord and the Church, it is there that he finds joy and rest. This is the law and the criterion. The

Diocese of Madagascar

Two different worlds, two testimonies of faith

Αυτό είναι το θαύμα της Πίστεως. Δύο κόσμοι ξένοι. Δύο κόσμοι τόσο μακρινοί. Κι όμως ενωμένοι κάτω από τη σκέπη της Αγάπης του Θεού. Μαρτυρούν και ομολογούν καθημερινά το θαύμα της ζωντανής μας Πίστεως. Εδώ στον Άθωνα. Εδώ στην Ιεραποστολή…

Diocese of Madagascar

Holy Christmas in Tulear

I arrived overnight in my beloved city of Sakaraha in Tulear. I came, although yesterday the fever and the exhaustion of the last two months

Diocese of Madagascar

Our little birds perish singing

What I saw before my eyes was tragic: an eight-month-old infant with an aged skin looking like 70 years old: soft and wrinkled. I asked the father what the infant ate and he said, mostly rice, and at times some milk, which a Catholic nun gave him. I told him that the child needed milk immediately. In the afternoon, I went to the pharmacy and bought him special milk for infants…

Diocese of Madagascar

My son…

Now we are sitting with Him by the sea, where the famous Mozambican channel with its angry waves joins our world, the land of Madagascar, with the other similarly unfortunate Mozambique world, the land of Africa…

Diocese of Madagascar

Before the eternal mystery

The Mission, like any good work, is not just a beautifully laid out sequence of events, nor a romantic monologue aiming to impress and cause temporary emotional stimulation of the senses, but most of the time a harsh reality…

Diocese of Madagascar

The wealth of the Mission

I don’t promise you embossed gold rods. I have nothing like that to give you. I will give you a reed in your hands to support you on your long marches through the dust and mud. Like the simple reed our Lord bore in His hands before that ultimate Sacrifice of Crucifixion…

Diocese of Madagascar

Who are you? – A play in six acts

His watery eyes can make out a black figure going up and down the corridor. He stands for a while at the door of the surgery. Then he leaves. He comes and goes. But who cares? Through the pain and wonder, the young man’s weak voice is heard to be asking: “Who are you?”