Educational Sponsorship: Sponsoring lives

Dear friends of the Mission,

With this letter we would like to express our heartfelt thanks for the amount of €4,000 that you granted us in the past year 2015 for the education of indigent students coming from the Holy Metropolis of Katanga , Congo (DRC).

As you know, almost every family here is large, while several of them may even have 15 children. So we all understand how much money each family needs annually to meet the costs for their children’s education, which proportionally increase from Primary to Middle School, to High School and then to University, where the cost is huge. However, despite the objective difficulties that arise, they are all inclined towards learning and they try in every possible way to save some money for this purpose. This is why they are grateful to you for giving them the opportunity to study, to become useful citizens and not feel disadvantaged.

This program of «educational sponsorships” is a God-pleasing work that not only helps each student individually, but it also generally contributes to raising the education level of our African brothers.

Hence, we thank all of you who diligently offer your donations for this cause. May the Lord repay you in multiple folds.
†Meletios of Katanga


If you also want to “sponsor a life”,

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