Dimitrios is a 27 years old man from Uganda. He is Orthodox since his childhood and after lot of thought, he decided to devote himself to our Lord Jesus Christ. In order to better prepare for the holy purpose of the Mission, he chose to enroll in the Theological School of the Orthodox University of the Congo, an accredited educational institution of the Orthodox Church in Kinshasa. Dozens of young men like Dimitris study in this school that prepares its students to become the missionary workers of tomorrow in this vast Central African country and other countries of the Black Continent.


Now, through the Educational Sponsoring program, you can also help a future missionary to study. Subscribing to this program, you assume the responsibility to support a freshman of Theology with an aid of 250 euros annually for four years. With this amount, you will cover part of his academic expenses, while he will be provided with accommodation, food and medical care. This action will empower him, so that after a few years the Orthodox Missions will have a new worker to go to the far ends of the African continent and preach Christ’s love to the world.

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