Projects in Fiji progressing

Like everywhere else, here in the Antipodes life goes on at about the same pace. With the Most Merciful God making His sun rise on the evil and on the good and sending rain on the just and on the unjust alike and with those living and ruling the world, some of whom thank Him and praise Him while others deny Him and utter blasphemies against Him.

In New Zealand there is a state of non-religiousness. Everyone is free to believe or not to believe, to sin or to do good. Thanks be to God for the existence of the innate moral law. However, the presence of the Cross is a consolation for the Orthodox churches and especially for the Holy Monastery of Levin. The word of Orthodoxy spreads more and more. Orthodoxy is the sweet and only hope of our time.

In Fiji and on the Oceania islands in general, poverty goes together with simplicity and the real humanity of life. The indigenous live the way God wants and do not go against His laws, as the supposedly civilized people of Europe, America and Australia do.

The orphanage has been completed – The church construction has started

In Fiji islands, Orthodoxy advances slowly but firmly by the Grace of God. The building of the orphanage in Saweni, as seen in the photo, has been completed and soon the opening service is going to take place and the church will start functioning, much to the delight of the poor Fijians and all those who helped in this God-pleasing project.

Έργα Saweni
The foundation of the church; in the background the completed orphanage

The foundation was laid on the same plot, which was bought with funds raised by the Orthodox Missionary Fraternity, and God willing, in a couple of weeks the construction of the Holy Trinity church will proceed. This church will be our cathedral. The cost will reach 120,000 FJ$ (around 65,000 USD). We start off with the hope that this project will be completed as well and that we will be blessed to celebrate the first Divine Liturgy and chant the beautiful Trinitarian hymn:

“As befits God, let us all praise, with songs inspired,the Father and the Son and the divine Spirit, three-personned might, one Kingship and Dominion.”

Naturally, In the course of these projects there are also difficulties and suspensions caused either by nature (such as continuous rainfall) or by men (insincerities, clumsiness…)

On this occasion, first I want to thank the Orthodox Missionary Fraternity and secondly all the known and unknown contributors, who have helped and will help in these holy projects which are executed on the beautiful Fiji islands and by which Christ and His Church as well as our Orthodox countries are praised.

May the Creator of the Universe, who sent His only begotten Son into the world to illuminate and save us, grant that despite our being weak and sinful, we will not forget Him or embitter Him with our ingratitude, but that we will always thank Him and praise Him day and night and every hour and every moment, just as the animals and birds and all the irrational creatures do on earth as well as the Angels and the spirits of the righteous do in Heaven.

†Amphilochios of New Zealand

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