Our little polyclinic, situated in Shamana region deep in the Congo, has already been housed, and the full of joy people surround it in anticipation of the doctor and its equipment, that is, beds, medical tools, medicines.

Its construction was very difficult since all the building had to be carried from the capital city of Kinshasa, which is more than a thousand kilometers away from here. It took two months for the riverboat to cross the Congo River first and then its tributary Saguru going through rough forests in order to reach the banks of the Shamana River. It is there that the village dwellers gathered and with their hands carried the materials as far as their village three km away from the banks of the Saguru river.

Strenuous efforts, anxieties, sweat, were finally coming to an end. Now they are so happy, because from now on they will not have to walk for days in order to find a doctor or a medicine, they will not be dying on the way to a doctor’s, especially old people, pregnant women or little children.

They are really grateful to the Orthodox Missionary Fraternity and the donor from Thessalonica, pray for him and his family and thank God for illuminating this charitable man from a distant country like Greece to offer them this valuable for their health present. They also thank their Metropolitan, because he chose their village Shamana for the construction of this polyclinic.

+ Nikiphoros of Central Africa