Water tanks in Madagascar

Η πρώτη δεξαμενή νερού είναι έτοιμη
The first water tank is ready

In SW Madagascar, homeland of Antadroy, Bara and Mahafaly tribes, the people face water scarcity menacingly. The need to find it make them distant hikers for several kilometers.

In this adverse place, the Orthodox Mission cultivates the indigenous souls with the holy seed of our Lord Jesus Christ’s love. They make charities for the Malagasy people. In many regions, wells have been installed.

Unfortunately, in SW Madagascar, the aquifer is not enough for drilling. Thus, the Metropolis of Madagascar decided to build water tanks, equipped with suitable water filters, which will be filled every month by a  lorry with water from -the rich in water- northern Madagascar.

In this article, we present the first tank of a capacity of 25.000 c.cm., that was constructed with a 10.000 € donation by a dinsticted donator.

Every tank can provide sufficient water to 1.000-2.000 inhabitans. We ask for your help, so that we’ll be able to unburden the people of this region.


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