Diocese of Mexico

The First Guatemalan Cathedral

25 August 2017

Dear Friends of the Mission,

The Holy Metropolis of Mexico continues its God-pleasing Missionary work in the countries of Latin America.

This time, we had the formal opening of the first Cathedral of the country, which was held in Aguacate, Guatemala, organized by Father Damianos, Chancellor of the Metropolis of Mexico. Thousands of Mayan Indians welcomed Archbishop Athenagoras with the Holy Relics of the Martyrs with tears in their eyes. The most touching thing, though, was that they sang in Greek the Paschal hymn “Christ is Risen” and the hymns in praise of Patriarch Bartholomew’s and Archbishop Athenagoras’ fame. The poem you sent to Archimandrite Damianos was read in Spanish during the ceremony.

With a lot of love for Orthodoxy in the spirit of Easter, our Metropolitan embraced as a loving father this people of God, and continues his great work under the cover of the Risen Christ and the Virgin of the Annunciation, to whom the church was dedicated. Evangelism for the Mayas that are receiving the true light of the Resurrection!

Worthy of congratulations are Father Evangelos, the church priest, and all the Indian priests of Guatemala. We would like to thank all those who honored us with their presence at the opening ceremony of the first Guatemalan Cathedral as well as the representative of the Patriarchate.

From the Holy Metropolis

Mission in Central America

4 February 2017

For the last twenty years the Holy Metropolis of Mexico headed by His Eminence Archbishop Athenagoras of Mexico has been struggling in the region of Central America for the dissemination of true Orthodox Christian faith. The beginning of this course was characterized by a slow pace, but then there was a big response on the part of the local population. As a result, during these two decades, over forty new churches were founded in Central American countries such as Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba and others with young, qualified in spiritual matters priests with studies in Higher Education in Theology in Greece. One of the largest and most recent missionary efforts of our H. Metropolis is the one taking place in Guatemala to the indigenous populations of Mayan descent. Despite the fact that these people are deprived of essential goods, they have shown tremendous faith and love towards Orthodoxy. They reside in Peten, the northeastern region of the country, and number about 350 000. It is moving to see them walk through the woods to attend the Divine Liturgy at the nearest church.

It is noteworthy that despite the economic and other difficulties we face in our work, with the help of Christ and of the Virgin Mary and the daily support and sympathy on the part of the people, the Holy Metropolis of Mexico is developing into an Orthodox Metropolis of the future.

A recent welcome development is that after our actions, our Holy Metropolis has now acquired another very old church, which belonged to the Roman Catholics, in the center of the Mexican capital. We have transformed it into an Orthodox Sacred Church and daily a large number of people visit it and ask to learn about Orthodoxy.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the Orthodox Missionary Fraternity for all the help that it has offered to our Metropolis over the years, and to all the partners who stand by the missionary work in Central America, since we are talking about the only Orthodox Mission in the West. We would also like to thank our clergy, our priests, who, although they give their struggle for Orthodoxy under adverse conditions daily, they take strength from their great faith in God. We can see very clearly that our Church is a recipient of a multitude of miracles that happen every day as more and more young people are gradually approaching our Metropolis, which is the greatness of the Orthodox Church.

Archimandrite Damian
Chancellor of the H. Metropolis

Guatemala: Preaching Christ in the Maya land

25 November 2013

In recent years His Eminence Metropolitan Athenagoras of Mexico has embraced under his Omophorion one of the largest groups in Guatemala. This human group was and still is under the spiritual guidance of the Very Reverent Archimandrite Andrew Giron. In order to comprehend and contemplate the beauty of God’s gift to Guatemala in the form of this group of believers that He bestowed on us, it is essential that we get to know their history as well as all the difficulties they went through before finding true faith.

Father Andrew Giron is one of the best-known supporters of the rights of the tribe of Maya Indians and during his 30-year-fight for them, he was opposed by the administration of the Roman Catholic Church and the government of Guatemala. At that time, the religious environment of the Roman Catholic Church in Guatemala incorporated the so-called “charismatic groups”, on the one hand in order to confront the protestant missionaries that arrived from America, and on the other to prevent the believers from leaving the gulfs of the Roman Catholic Church. However, this decision did not bear fruit due to the civil war, and the Roman Catholic Church stopped recognizing these communities, which were obviously imbued with protestant beliefs.

In those crucial years father Andrew took the decision of leaving the Roman Catholic Church and unite all these natives. This mission of love led him to the reconstruction of new villages and to granting property deeds since the government had never granted those titles to them despite the fact that they had been living in and cultivating the specific land for centuries.

Recognizing his struggle and work for them, the people asked him one day: “Father Andrew, what do we believe in? Who are we? What church do we belong to?” That is why he decided to teach them Orthodoxy to the best of his ability and knowledge.

In the end, ten years ago, his un-canonical orthodox church had grown and numbered 350,000 members throughout Guatemala. As you see, God is great and cares for, enlightens and looks after His flock wherever He wants. That is why father Andrew felt deep inside that all the things they had achieved were nothing without true faith. He followed the way that leads to true Church and made the decision to knock on the door of the Holy Metropolis of Mexico in order to be accepted to the Ecumenical Patriarchate along with his flock.

After so many years, the right time had finally come. Seeking truth, they learnt True Faith and in Archbishop Athenagoras they found open the door of our Orthodox Church, which embraced them lovingly and with great hope. Right after that, our Bishop sent two priests there in order not only to get to know them but also to find out whether their wish was genuine and serious or not. The answer took us all by surprise! It was a group of more than 350,000 people, with 338 churches and chapels. Most of them are indigenous to Guatemala; actually, they come from the ancient tribe of Maya. They live in the mountains and the vast plains of the country, even in the southern cities of Mexico.

What we have ahead is a major project throughout Latin America, but for the time being, God has entrusted a groups of souls to us in Guatemala to look after them, teach them, baptize them and glorify Him all together.

Our beloved brothers, we hope for your prayers and your financial assistance. Metropolitan Athenagoras of Mexico appeals to you for help regarding the various projects of our Holy Metropolis as well as Guatemala. It is essential that we have the financial means in order to send priests to Guatemala to teach the catechists there how to catechize the faithful properly. Financial means are also required in order to get hundreds of thousands of catechetical textbooks for children and grown ups printed. Meanwhile, a large number of them are illiterate. Moreover, money is required for videotapes to be prepared in Spanish, even in the local dialect of Maya, so that through these tapes these people get to know the Divine Liturgy, Baptism, Chrismation, and in general, all the Holy Services of our Church. Finally, we have started to give some sort of humble beauty to all the chapels by sprucing them up so that our parishes look neater, which is another reason why we need your assistance.

With the blessings of Metropolitan Athenagoras,
the Colombian missionary priest
fr. Nicholas Antolinez