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Fr. Stephen Lunagula is a priest of the Diocese of Uganda and serves as the prelatic commissioner of Nakabaale region.
We believe that if you help us buy this land and six cows, after at least two years, this small farm will be a source of income and will provide milk for our schools, giving an opportunity to the orphans and the poor children that we support to drink milk every day from their own farm...
848 students are in need of support
Dear brothers in Christ, Rejoice in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ! I am happy to announce to you that we have received the amount of the 3,000€ which you sent us for the common meals of little children (the poor ones and the orphans). We would like to thank from...
365 children in Nakyaka attend lessons held under the trees or learn how to read in our temporary buildings; of them 22 are orphans.