Charalampos Metallides

Missionary synaxary

Fr. Nicodimos Sarikas: An unsung Missionary

80 years have passed since the death of the first missionary in sub-Saharan Africa, father Nicodimos Sarikas, the “saint of Kilimanjaro” as the natives called


Activity Report 2020

Dear Mission Friends and Supporters, Rejoice in the Lord! I hope and wish that despite the pandemic, you and your beloved ones are well. This

Diocese of Gulu

In the Footsteps of a Saint

The natives are simple-hearted, kind people with a wide smile. They open their arms to embrace you, and you, the “muzungu”, can see straight into their heart, their pure, undefiled soul, the vast world of love, the creation of the Master Artist, the image of God…

Congo (DRC)

Energizing the Mission

It has been years since His Eminence Metropolitan of Kinshasa started to knock on doors imploring assistance in a matter that is self-evident: the financial sustainability of the only Theological School that exists in Africa…