Bishop Narkissos of Accra

Diocese of Accra

Akooaba! It means “Welcome”

In late January, a retreat of our communities takes place in Fomena village. The Orthodox faithful from all over Ghana gather here, where the place is organized like a summer camp, and for 4 days glorifying and praising God together…

Diocese of Nubia

This is a desert place

We do not have enough food for so many people, only five loaves and two fish. It is obvious that human logic, «arithmetic reasoning», is limited, whereas God’s logic removes all kinds of limitations…

Diocese of Nubia

Miracles work through faith and patience

Our brothers in South Sudan took 38 years in order to find their Church alive, and now they are moving towards a better future in their much-afflicted country…

Diocese of Nubia

Experiences from South Sudan

For the blessing of water service we had no censer available, so to give a rough and ready solution, the only thing I could find handy was a magazine of bullets from a kalashnikov…

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