Bishop Ignatios of Madagascar

Diocese of Madagascar

On the Edge of Poverty

Love for the salvation of both bodies and souls, leaves no room for opportunities to be lost, dispensing trouble, time and money in order to save even one soul. Our brother, whatever that may be, does not cease to be Christ himself, and we must place ourselves in the position of the good Samaritan…

Diocese of Madagascar

New projects, new blessings in Madagascar

It is our love for our brothers that makes us want their evangelism and the salvation of their souls and it is this love that always keeps us alert and in readiness. With the eyes of our soul, we see in depth the holy mission of our Church spread the sacred Gospel so that these people become real children of God by grace through the Holy Sacraments…

Orphanage of Love

The orphanage in the capital city of Antananarivo has now been completed. It is going to house more than two hundred orphans. However, the costs for feeding, health care and education are expected to be very high. If we do not support the project, the suspension of the operation of the orphanage will inevitably continue. Nevertheless, it is still one of the largest orphanages in the country, and even state bodies are anxiously awaiting the implementation of the promises of our Orthodox Church toward our poor people…

Diocese of Madagascar

Flooding of temptations and blessings

At some point, I decided to move and cross the road in the jeep, but I risked being carried away by the water stream when a sea of water fell upon the car and the cabin got flooded…

Diocese of Madagascar

Fishing for souls in the 4th biggest island of the world

New institutions will start operating very soon, since they were inaugurated during our Patriarch’s visit. Such buildings are the orphanage, the new wing of the hospital, the University and some churches. We give glory to God and thank people for the blessings they gave us…

Diocese of Madagascar

Patriachal journey to the largest island of Africa

The visit of the Patriarch was a blessing for the Metropolis 0f Madagascar. The presence of His Beatitude was necessary because it gave us courage to continue our struggle, overcome the difficulties and the problems we encounter, communicate with him like a father to his children, talk about our problems freely and unreservedly and make decisions on new projects together in the future…

Diocese of Madagascar

Orthodoxy: the Expectation of Nations

Such thoughts come to my mind many times, when I am walking along the paths in the forests until I reach the villages where the Mission car has no access…

Diocese of Madagascar

Moving steadily to the future

Through the difficulties, we go through trials ourselves since our faith is tested. A while ago I was reading in the Acts of the Apostles about the sufferings of the Apostle Paul. Certainly there is no comparison, but we get a lot of examples from the First after the One that the Mission road to Salvation is not strewn with flowers.

Diocese of Madagascar

Our Mission: the illumination of the world

It is some poor Orthodox countries today that evangelize a big continent which until yesterday was living in the darkness and in error under the delusion of idolatry, paganism and any heretical sect whatsoever. Besides, this is the mission which can bring us into prominence as pioneers of faith on the world stage…