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Dear Friends of Mission,

Rejoice in the Lord always.

Once again I am pleased to announce to you that by the Grace of our Holy Triune God as well as your kind contribution, the foundation of the Mission Center have been laid, and thus the creation of a grandiose project for Orthodoxy in Eastern Uganda and especially for our Holy Diocese has begun. We would like to thank you wholeheartedly for this generous contribution. We hope that God willing, we will continue our joined efforts so that its completion is achieved.

An issue occurred that was not in our plans to deal with at this time, but reasons beyond our control as well as the importance and immediate need for it, make it imperative to mention it to you.

That is the need for the creation of a Clinic in the Kanapa Region of Eastern Uganda. There is a plot of land that can be used for the construction of this building in our new Holy Trinity Parish. We pray for the intercessions of the Most Holy Mother of God and we hope for the best.

Here we have to mention that the need is imperative as there are many of our fellow human beings who unfortunately often succumb to diseases that are easy to treat but there is no place where medical assistance can be provided to them, or they still have to undergo long journeys in order to find a doctor to be examined. As regards this part, we hope for your help as well, and we are sure that all the Saints who are doctors by profession will help you and grant you health both physically and spiritually.

Finally, I am asking you to continue to pray for the catechesis and evangelization of people with spiritual thirst for Christ, who long to become members of the Orthodox Church so that they can stop walking in darkness and become children of light. Our priests labour day and night for these souls, becoming everything and doing everything in order to help them, following the Pauline word. That is why we are always grateful to you for any help to our Mission, which definitely makes the priests’ ministry easier in the field of evangelization and catechesis.

Wishing in the Lord,

† Silvester of Jinja & Eastern Uganda

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Dear friends of the Mission, I wish you a good and blessed Triodion period. May the Grace of our Lord and Saviour

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