Orthodox Mission #33

The new September 2020 anniversary issue (#250 in the Greek edition) is now available for you to read with news and reports from 12 missionary regions.

  • How did the Orthodox Mission among the New Zealand Maori start?
  • What did the Mission do in Nairobi to help people during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown?
  • What are the new prospects for the Orthodox Mission in Burkina Faso?
  • Who is the new bishop of Kisumu, head of the Mission on the east of lake Victoria?
  • What is Fr. Ermolaos Iatrou’s new missionary beginning in Tanzania?

These and many more in the issue on your screens. Browse through it, read it, share it with your friends.

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Orthodox Mission #32

The new summer issue of the Orthodox Mission magazine is out with news and reports from 14 missionary regions in Africa, Asia

In the Footsteps of a Saint

The natives are simple-hearted, kind people with a wide smile. They open their arms to embrace you, and you, the “muzungu”, can see straight into their heart, their pure, undefiled soul, the vast world of love, the creation of the Master Artist, the image of God…

Orthodoxy in Colombia

Our parish community lies in Cereté. We celebrate the Divine Liturgy once a month at my parents’ house, because I live in Medellín and the journey to Cereté is 10 hours long by bus. Thankfully, our community has grown a lot and I will now move to Cereté permanently with my wife and our three children…