Dear Mister President,

Rejoice in the Lord!

Following our cordial meeting at your Fraternity offices, I am sending you photographs of the 50-seat -coach which we would like to send to West Africa to run the intercity routes in Guinea, where we will soon have the first presence of Orthodoxy with the erection of a school. With the revenues coming from the coach routes, we will be able to cover a big part of the expenses of our Mission, such as salaries of priests and teachers and many others.

Due to the economic crisis which is plaguing our country, it is absolutely essential that we find new resources, like the one mentioned above. The purchase of such a coach comes to 8,000€ and I hope that our request will be met, since you always stand by us, support us and share our efforts and struggle. I will soon send you information on the progress of the projects you have undertaken in Ghana.

With love in Christ,
George, Bishop of Guinea