Become an ambassador

In foreign and distant countries, where exotic tribes live and unheard languages are spoken, Orthodox missionaries work for the spread of our Orthodox Christian faith that can touch and transform lives. With the power of the gospel, they consume daily themselves in order to change the world one person at a time.

In this holy endeavor, the Orthodox Missionary Fraternity has been their constant collaborator since 1963. By publishing our quarterly magazine in two languages, by organizing 8 and more events about the Mission every year, by being active on the Web, on our websites and on the social media, by distributing other publications, we try to convey the experiences, the personal events, the problems and the needs of our missionaries to the public.

In this work we want you as companions. Now you can apply and become an “ambassador of the Mission” to your social environment. Dedicate a few hours every month to impart the message of the Missions to your friends and acquaintances.

  • Distribute our magazine in your parish, your school, your group or your organization.
  • Publish articles for the Mission in the booklet or the site of your group.
  • Organize events for the Orthodox Mission in your area, or invite our speakers.

If you are also interested in publicize the missionary work to those around you, do not hesitate. Fill in and send the form below. A representative will contact you promptly to welcome you in the “Ambassadors” program.

Because everyone can do something for the Mission.