Be a missionary

The biggest problem facing the Mission today is the lack of workers. How can people come to believe in Christ, if there are no missionaries who’ll preach to them? If you believe that you can selflessly serve this holy purpose and you are interested in joining a missionary team, please, let us know.

Unfortunately, our missionary teams are unable to receive short-term visits of volunteers. This is because the Mission’s catechetical and charitable programs cannot be functional if staffed only with one-week or one-month visitors, but they require permanent workers. E.g. a teacher’s visit to an Orthodox school in Africa can be of minimal usefulness only.

An exception to this rule applies to physicians, surgeons and dentists, who can relieve human pain, even for a few days, by making consultations in distant regions. If you are a doctor interested in visiting a Mission, meeting and healing our ailing brothers, and you can cover your flight expenses, please, επικοινωνήστε μαζί μας.