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Cookies Policy

The internet is a whole world and our website is just one of the one billion websites in the Web. As visitors, you are valuable for us and thus we use cookies, to get some information about what you like or dislike, what content we must offer to you and in what format.

What are cookies?

Cookies are simple text saved on your computer or mobile device by the website servers. This text can be retrieved and read by that server, if you visit the same website again. Every cookie is unique and contains anonymous information such as a unique identification code, the name of the website, numbers or letters. It helps the websites remember your browsing preferences.

All cookies we use on are anonymous, this is we cannot use them to identify you. They are used for functionality reasons and for the statistical analysis of the website usage.

Particularly, there are three categories of cookies on our website, as following.

Usage analytics cookies

We use cookies to get anonymous information about how our visitors use our website. These cookies are installed by Google and vary in duration. One self-destructs, when you close your browser, another is saved for half an hour, another for six months and one may be saved even for 24 months. The whole functionality is offered by the Google Analytics service. If you want, you can delete them, by using your browser settings.

Among the anonymous information we get are demographics, interests, geographical location and language, access technology, frequency of visits, source of visits, content viewed, website response speed and social sharing usage.

Embedded content cookies

Video streaming, presentation and digital document services, such as Youtube and Issuu, use cookies, to collect usage statistics every time we embed content from their servers. We have no access to these cookies, but video embedding and uploading our magazine is done through these services and are important for the operation of our website.

Cookies policy cookie!

To inform you of our policy for your privacy protection, we show a notification on the top of our page and we refer to more information, when you first visit our website. At that moment, an anonymous cookie is installed on your browser, which expires a year later. In this way, without being able to identify you, we can understand if you have seen the notification, so that you are not flooded with the same message again and again.

Cookies policy is permanently accessible from the footer of every page on our site.

What can I do to disallow cookies?

Cookies usage is very common on the internet. They are basically permitted, but every website in the EU is allowed to inform you of their usage.

  • You can always delete already saved cookies by deleting browsing data in your browser settings.
  • You can also permanently disable cookies by changing the content settings in every modern browser.
  • Finally, you have the option to disallow cookies for our site particularly by adding an exception in your content settings.

How do I do that?

Please, see more information for your browser:

Should you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact us